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English as a Second or Foreign Language
Primary and Secondary Education
Exercises, Web-based Materials, Workshops and links for Teaching and Learning, WebQuests español/ English
 CALL Methodology
WebQuests (español/English)
WebQuests (recursos/resources)
WebQuests / Treasure H (Taller)
WebQuests for second languages
Workshops / Talleres (esp-eng)
Dinamización de centros TIC
Hot Potatoes / TIC, ICT,
Quizzes / CLIL /CLIL.en / PhWien
Students' & school Projects
Wikis 2013 / Int Project 2013
Etwinning projects
WIrving WQ / old projects&blogs
Coordinación Bilingüe / J Hattie
CALL , New Technologies, TICs
Software, tools, audio, images,
My own materials
Specific Exercises
Grammar, Voc & Culture Exercises
The happy Verby Gang
Reading & Writing Exercises
Teaching with Songs   
Web-Based Activities 
Browsing & Treasure hunts
WebQuests & other projects
Actividades de mis talleres
Web Learning Tube 
Primary: Line 1, Line 2,...
Secondary: Route 1, Route 2, ...
Other Classroom Resources
Holidays & other cultural topics
Surveys: drugs, christmas, etc.
Selectividad / Otura delicious /videos
Selected Links
Specific Materials
Links for Teaching & Learning English
Vocabulary & Reference Sites
Penpals Podcasts,blogs ,video
Others: French, ELEGerman.....
Authentic Materials & Edu-Portals
News, music, films, sport, etc.
Education portals / Portfolio 
CLIL / AICLE / Plurilingüismo  
CLIL Resources CLIL Materials
Other Links
Miscellaneous / Linguared
Myblog Travel Blog / Study Visit
CV & personal details
My schools /AndalusiaSpain
My delicious / Diigo / CLIL-ICT deli/
Mariana delicious / Moraleda / austria


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